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Published Friday, May 5, 2017 – Cape Town

Event Review and Photos by Miami Publicist Caitlin Electra

TORONTO’S DEEP HOUSE HITS CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA — Straight out of the deep house scene of the Toronto underground and for the first time on African soil, Orient Art, in collaboration with Deep House Toronto hit the shores of South Africa for their Orient Art Showcase in Cape Town immediately following their participation in the local regional Burning Man Event “Afrikaburn” which took place the week before in the Tankwa desert of the South African region of Karoo.

On Thursday, May 4, 2017 the international crew of the Toronto-based record label and artist collective Orient Art took us on a journey through uncharted sonic landscapes and into the territory of uninhibited auditory expression.  In a venue reminiscent of a coffee shop in Amsterdam, members of the Afrikaburn community from around the globe attended to reconnect and enjoy one last dance in a one-off night of deep house, otherworldly beats and audio transcendence, all hosted at one of Cape Town’s gems; Julep bar. 

 ORIENT ART is Toronto-based record label and artist collective focusing on an intellectual expression that overcomes the limitations and barriers of language. At their heart they channel a sophisticated collaboration of traditional sounds with modern electronic music that aspires to translate the human mind directly into art with no filter.



Toronto-based artist and visionary, founder of Orient Art and organiser at Deep House Toronto. The sound Zafar proposes is contradictory, ever-changing and never static, moving from one realm to the other. His vision is to seclude the two hugely contradictory aspects of the music industry; music and its often-controversial monetisation by filtering out everything but pure art.


Originally a child of reggae, Bonjour Ben started DJing in his early twenties and, with the help of the tight DJ community, he established his organic sound. After muscling in on the lineup of his local clubs, Bonjour Ben has become a staple of the progressive house scene, including appearances at Watergate, About Blank, Sisyphos (Berlin), Institut fuer Zukunft (Leipzig) and the Tanzhaus West (Frankfurt am Main), Amsterdam, Zürich, London and more.


Mustafa Ismaeel is a DJ and producer from Toronto who is constantly redefining his musical boundaries while creating emotional, rich and unique journeys. Born in Iraq, growing up in India and maturing in Canada has had a major influence on his sound, which is incorporated in his music. With recent performances in Dubai, Goa and Montreal along with many upcoming releases with some major international labels, Mustafa has nothing but huge prospects on the horizon.


Born & raised in France, Maga has developed his sound towards the cities he is inspired by while he travels the globe. Maga resides in Dubai for 6 months of the year, where he mainly focuses his time on production & holds a few residencies weekly. His genre of music is mostly nourished by the exploration of organic sounds that offers a spiritual & loving vibe taking you through a higher musical journey.

The Orient Art / Deep House Toronto crew also participated and played their music in Afrikaburn 2017 at The Underpants Hotel and Playaskool camps among others for their label’s first ever visit in Africa. 

 Returning from this recent pilgrimage together to AfrikaBurn 2017 (theme “Play”) The Orient Art Showcase after Afrikaburn in Cape Town brought the visionary after-Burn glow and shared something truly special between the mix of international friends, artists and attendees in an intimate room ::  A spirit of creativity fused with new sounds and an awakening through sounds never before heard. 

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All Rights Reserved 2017 Miami Publicist Caitlin Electra – 5/4/2017

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