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Project Heart Pirate Ship

Sunday, June 18, 2017 :: Kabak, Turkey :: A magical day with Project Heart “Six Senses on the Coast” in breathtaking Southern Turkey, aboard a pirate ship upon the Aegean Sea.  Photos by Caitlin Electra for Project Heart.


Project Heart Sıx Senses on the Coast

An international affair, the last Project Heart event took place in Tulum, Mexico in January 2017. Attending members aka “Hearts” recently got together again at the gorgeous, isolated Gemile Beach Lodge on the dreamy Southern Coast of Turkey for a semi-annual gathering of spirits, hearts and open minds.   A small and strictly invitational festival-of-sorts, the organizers of Project Heart strictly limit space for attendees in order to keep costs reasonable and an effectively intimate environment.  It is not uncommon for Project Heart events to occur in an isolated, hard-to-reach location, where they are attended by professionals from all reaches of the globe, many in the music and creative industries, but also by surgeons and attorneys.  While fully immersed in the beauty and inspirations of a most exclusive and breathtaking location, Hearts bond while enjoying healthy dining and workshops, yoga, meditation and brainstorming focus groups on how to spread the word of positivity and love into the world while connecting with each other and the earth.  The long weekend ends with an epic celebration of music and dance during which musicians in attendance – including some of the world’s leading and up-and-coming talent – play.

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