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Boutique Art, Event & Entertainment Publicist in the Miami & Hamptons, NY markets. Referral Only.


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Clients working with a boutique publicist company enjoy not only one-on-one personal service but also the benefits of collaborations with experts.  The experts are vetted for projects with clients based on passion, integrity and results.  The range of client fields covered cross the creative genres of fashion, design, dance, theater, film, travel, sports, technology, food, innovation and more, with a great concentration in fine art and photography, events, entertainment  and music as they pertain to a luxury setting and clientele.  The client base is constantly growing and there are no limits in direction or client genre accepted, as the formula for success is the same, just applied uniquely per client.  The result shall always reflect consistency along with the successful fusion of the creative genre of the client with luxury, entertainment and business markets through an innovative and professional approach to the marketing, representation and education of the client.

“The future of business is in the Arts” – Forbes Magazine (winter 2013).

The Miami Publicist experience with client success is paired with hand-picked professionals to entertain a client’s every social, event, business and promotional need with expertise in special events and talent representation, art and multimedia services, career consulting, development and sponsorship acquisition, professional writing and one-on-one publicity services from coaching, preparing and attending appearances, interviews and styling to branding and more. The result is exponential reach and growth for your talent, product, service, business and/or art.

The Miami Publicist website, blog, newsletter and email marketing forums are valuable tools that enable a constantly growing database. These forums maintain unique design and strategy and remain afloat in the sea of social media to successfully promote the client while also attracting, inspiring, educating and entertaining subscribers.

The Miami Publicist website and blog are constantly updated and have recently been remodeled in a clear and effective fashion to better serve our clientele.

Released monthly, the Miami Publicist & Gallery 212 Miami newsletter features exclusive event information and coverage along with brief but in-depth highlights in association with its client group.  Not to miss: favorite selections by collaborating photographers and guest bloggers who follow the more niche, upscale and luxury “pulse of the city” from The Hamptons, NY to Miami and beyond.

The Miami Publicist forum has grown quickly and the business plan sees a rapidly expanding enterprise with unlimited reach.

Miami Publicist is headquartered and partnered with Gallery 212 Miami in the heart of Downtown Miami’s hottest growing art neighborhood; the Wynwood Art District.  Alongside partner, gallery owner and advertising expert Pop Artist Michael Perez, Miami Publicist has powered through diversity and the competition when it comes to innovation and ability to successfully provide a unique and competitive platform for launching artists, from around the world and in varying degree of talent and experience, to local and global markets.

While the 6,000 square’ centrally-located studio-gallery venue helps cater to a specialization in fine art, exhibition management and monthly special events (Second Saturday Art Walks) as well as events on a global scale (Art Basel Miami), the spectrum of services provided is in no way limited by genres or just to fine art.

Having met in Miami after moving from Madrid and New York respectively, Miami Publicist and Michael Perez partnered to form a family business. Clients, sponsors and affiliates on board during the last 6 years in Miami represent various facets of the community as well as in the luxury, creative and entertainment industries.  The range is as broad as to include the arenas of performance such as international actors and musicians, the 2012 Vail Film Festival, a student director from Miami chosen for the 2012 Cannes Film Festival and Mimzy’s Playhouse at the Colony Theater on Lincoln Road (to name a few), to professionals in the Health and Wellness industries, individuals, small businesses and large corporations.

Miami Publicist and Gallery 212 Miami have also worked with over 100 fine artists from around the world in the last 9 years of business in their (Midtown and Wynwood) Miami locations.

History of business:
Michael Perez; Apple Graphics of Merrick, Inc. Est. 1988 [graphic design and advertising in Long Island, NY]; Michael Perez Pop Art Gallery Est. NY, 1994 with locations in Tribeca, Chelsea and Southampton, NY.
Caitlin E.; MADspaces, S.A. DBA Electra Management Est. Madrid, 2006 / DBA Electra Management Miami Est. Miami 2009; Miami Publicist Est. Miami 2011.
Together; Perez Apple Graphics of Miami, Inc. Est. Miami, 2010; Gallery 212 Miami, Inc. Est. Miami, 2011.

The constant flow of special events and conferences in a city that caters to an influx of international visitors throughout every season of the year makes Miami a proven source of abundant opportunity.  New clients by referral only at this time.



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