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11/22/2015 ::

Wow! You are amazing! You are so smart, work so hard to create interest in all that you do! I’m so proud to be represented by you and and to be at the gallery with you and Michael. Being at the gallery and getting to be with all our friends have been sweet highlights of my last 3 years. I wish I could have worked as ur assistant. I love you dearly! Thank you.

Charlotte Harber




MET School Letter


“Hi Caitlin,
Thank you for all you did for us. I think you did fantastic. Way to GO!!!! I look forward to next year and what magic you work for us.”

– Debra Gaynor, CEO Readers’ Favorite
Client: Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards Ceremony in Miami
in association with the Miami Book Fair International, 2013, 2014 +


July 15, 2013
Gallery 212 Miami Featured Artist Charlotte Harber (FL) Summer 2013 Exhibition

“It was great! Gallery 212 [Miami] is an excellent place to exhibit! Caitlin Electra and Michael Perez are a great team. She did an excellent job as a publicist and Michael, who is a well known and established artist, was such a good host to me. Coming into the exhibition surrounded by other talented established artists made me feel naked as an emerging artist, but everyone at the gallery made me feel very welcome. Although it rained, the place was packed. It was an honor to be accepted there and to be in their company. I am very happy! My work is staying through mid August and after that, I will continue to show and have an ongoing relationship with them. I’ll be at the gallery for the August 10th art walk. It felt like home. It was great to see Caitlin at the top of her game and to be with her again!” – Charlotte Harber


July 13, 2013

“The July Newsletter was first class and the gallery is outstanding.”

Anne Deon, Deon Magazine; Miami, Boca Raton and the Palm Beaches, FL


August 8th, 2013 at 4:20pm

“As usual.  Great job on newsletter.  Thank you!”

Gallery 212 Miami Featured Artist Artie Sandstone
Exhibition June – September, 2013 /
Current Gallery 212 Miami Resident Artist


May 14, 2012

Caitlin,Thank you [for] the great work on my press kit presentation. I appreciate your attention to detail and look forward to working with you in the near future.Stephen Gamson



February 9, 2012

“I have had the pleasure of working with, and being represented by art, talent and special event publicist Caitlin Slayback. I was honored to exhibit at the gallery – the Michael Perez Pop Art Gallery – last year. Her professionalism and hard work made this event the most popular and successful shared exhibition the gallery saw in its three years in Midtown. Thank you Caitlin for helping me achieve my goals and dreams as a professional artist!!

Marcelo Holzinger Artist / Designer, Miami

WeMerge Summer 2011 Edition Marcelo Holzinger Who's Next Gallery winner

Photograph: Marcelo Holzinger earned a full center page spread and editorial as the Who’s Next Gallery Winner in WeMerge Magazine (FL).  See the work and article published along with letter of recommendation from Miami Publicist in the upper left and lower right columns.


February 8, 2012

From the family of Brazilian Master Painter Jose Yossi; Featured Artist during Art Basel Miami 2011 at Gallery 212 Miami in the Wynwood Art District:

“Caitlin and Michael were very helpful throughout the complex process during Art Basel Miami 2011. They literally helped us with everything. The advertising was awesome and the publicity was excellent. I was particularly happy with two aspects of doing business with them.

First, they were always available. Whenever we needed to contact them they were there for us. Time was of essence, so we really appreciated how involved they were and how they cared about us and the paintings.

Second, we were given an entire wall to display the paintings and that was amazing. There could not be a better area in the room. There was plenty of visibility for the artwork and lots of traffic. The gallery draws an up beat crowd and that fits the kind of artwork Jose Yossi is all about. We were pleased with the experience and recommend Gallery 212 Miami to any artist.”

-Frances and Flavio Kertzman (Jose Yossi’s Paintings) Starlight Productions Boca Raton, FL


December 21, 2011

“Dear Caitlin and Michael,

Thank you for your support of the \härt\ Exhibition and Food for the Poor.  You are doing a wonderful job to promote arts & culture in S. Florida.

Best in 2012,  Rachel”

-Rachel Piering, Director of Events; Food for the Poor, Inc.

One comment on “Recommendations

  1. bethoughtful189
    June 9, 2014

    I am excited to be working with Caitlin. She is currently helping me build my brand and company “(name hidden)”. I am a speaker and an entertainer with expertise in the niche of “(hidden)”. I have a unique perspective and use it for an effective and educational approach to self-esteem and weight loss issues for my audiences. Additionally, Caitlin and I have implemented community outreach projects including volunteer events and a large-scale art project for the betterment of the city and the people of Miami. This is an innovative way that we have chosen to spread awareness of what we are doing with positive impact on our neighbors. I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with Miami Publicist. Our projects together have already grown tremendously in outreach and in the number of people whose lives have been affected. Please support our work by joining one of our upcoming “(name hidden)” volunteer events in Miami.

    (Some names have been temporarily hidden due to pending copyright and to protect the identity of the client)


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